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The Killuminati Foundation was established in the fall of 2008 in Southwest Missouri after a 2 year old shepherd mix named Payton ruptured a ligament and broke a bone in his leg requiring a $4,000+ surgery.

"I was 22 years old - year out of college and 6 months after I bought my first home - I certainly did not have thousands of dollars sitting around. I figured there is a charity for everything, so I started googling resources but only found one which Payton did not qualify for because of his breed. So I did whatever I had to do to raise the money - sold everything I could, worked odd jobs, etc to get Payton his surgery. Not long after, I had a 3am epiphany to start a charity that offered financial assistance for non-routine vet care. You can plan for vaccinations, heartworm prevention, etc - but no one plans for a $4,000 leg surgery. Payton was young and thankfully after this surgery, we got almost 10 more good years together before losing his battle with a very aggressive cancer in 2016."    -Jeanna Callahan, Founder

Jeanna knew that it would be impossible to save every life but made it a priority to focus on the lives KF could save. Regardless of breed, age, size, etc - Killuminati has worked hard to save hundreds of lives in just a few short years through rescue and their Vet Assistance Program.While unforeseen vet assistance is our main financial focus, we also work with area rescue groups to promote adoption. Education is another pillar KF was founded on - working with the community to educate the importance of animal welfare, proper vet care, training needs, and helping families/pets stay together throughout life's trials and tribulations. We've partnered on educational programs with various groups - the Boys & Girls Club, Girl Scouts of America, and the Library Center just to name a few. Jeanna does not look at Killuminati as "her" cause but rather a community cause and hopes you will too make it your personal cause and get involved.

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