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The Killuminati Foundation is named for a very special rescue who passed away before her time (Killuminati, aka Nati – pictured above.) The word Killuminati comes from the African philosophy meaning change for the better – not saying you aren't good enough now, but rather continually striving to be better. Killuminati Foundation is a tribute to Nati’s memory – but the word also represents our focus – CHANGE FOR THE BETTER!!

“You must first recognize the need to change. This does not necessarily imply that there is anything wrong with the way you are. It means you are willing to do better and be better at whatever it is you do.” -IYANLA VANZANT

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nati fav face close.jpg
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Where does the name Killuminati come from?

RIP Killuminati aka Nati

(1.17.2006 - 3.1.2007)

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