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Project Puppy Awards

Thank you for taking the time to choose your Project Puppy award winners!! All nominations are included in the first round of voting. The top 3 vote recipients move on to the second/final round of voting. The winner of each award will be announced via Facebook Live during Project Puppy week. Check out our Killuminati Vet-Help Facebook page for recent updates. See below for your 2021 winners....


CONGRATS to Your 2021 Project Puppy Winners!!! 

*Veterinary Office of the Year Winner: The Traveling Vet
(Sponsored by Mirowski Home Inspections LLC)

*Business/Organization of the Year: 4 The Love of K9s
(Sponsored by TAME Pet Magazine)

*Volunteer of the Year: Ashley Friend

(Sponsored by FETCH Pet Supplies & Gifts)

*Rescue Story of the Year: The HUGE Team Effort with the Branson Chihuahua Dump/Rescue

(Sponsored by KOZL)

*Hamaker Award: Kimbra Kern
(Sponsored by Jeanna Callahan Century 21 Integrity Group)

Be sure to check out our YouTube channel for videos of all the award presentations, promos, and the fashion show itself. 


Congrats to the 2021 Finalists!!!
Project Puppy Awards

Volunteer of the Year

Nominations include the following....

*Ashley Friend - WINNER

*Brittany & Paul Veneziano

*Lynne Cox

(Sponsored by FETCH Pet Supplies & Gifts)

Rescue Story of the Year

Nominations include the following....

*Grace Kelly


*The BIG Team Effort Branson 

Chihuahua Dump/Rescue - WINNER

(Sponsored by KOZL Ozarks Fox)

The Hamaker Award

While the public nominates and votes to decide the winners of all the other Project Puppy awards - the Hamaker Award is the only one that the KF Board of Directors chooses each year. It is named in memory of Dr. Hamaker who was a pillar in the veterinary community for decades. His oath to live by was "Practice Excellence." Dr. Hamaker took us on as a young organization to help us save hundreds of lives throughout the Ozarks. When he passed away, not only did the animal welfare community lose a champion advocate, but everyone who Dr. Hamaker came in contact with - and those who never got the chance - lost a great man with a generous soul. This award was created in his honor to recognize someone who has continually given back to various groups and causes and really made a difference through their excellence.

Kimbra Kern
2021 Hamaker Award Winner


We are SUPER excited to announce this year's Hamaker Award Winner....CONGRATS to Kimbra Kern for earning Project Puppy's highest honor!!! We appreciate all you do for individuals, families, and animals alike. Here is a more about all the good work Kimbra does in our community and across the country....

Kimbra’s rescue work began in 2007 when she moved from Washington State to Missouri. She was appalled at the number of stray dogs dumped in the rural area where she lived and the inhumane treatment she observed. When reaching out for help for strays that came on her property the neighbors and even the local law enforcement agencies advised her to “just shoot them”. From that time on she went into action to help strays in her neighborhood as well as educating people along the way. Coming from Washington State having developed a program training rescue dogs to work with students with emotional/behavioral disabilities, dogs were honored and revered to her. Experiencing miracles manifesting from the canine interventions with her students further impassioned her desire to rescue.

Kimbra progressed from taking in strays on her own, assisting the local neighbors with dogs they found, to being the primary source of assistance for Sparta City Hall with their strays and abandoned dogs. In addition, she has been a resource for individuals in the surrounding areas who need help. Initially, her only rescue source was Kitsap Animal Rescue and Education (KARE) in Washington State. Since 2007 Kimbra and two other networkers have sent 550 dogs to Washington State which otherwise would have had no rescue. Along the way she developed an incredible source of rescue contacts through her mentor Lynne Cox. This led to her ability to reciprocate the support local rescues gave her by helping them to network or assist with finding fosters when they were full or had hard to place dogs. She has networked with rescues in Colorado, New York, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, New England with most of the rescues being sent to Kansas City or Saint Louis.


Along with the countless hours spent networking and providing/coordinating transportation, she has written grants for vetting from the Killuminati Foundation, learned and developed behavioral interventions for several dogs with significant fear issues, fostered, and is now the Canine Liaison for Reasons Rescue Ranch when they get referrals for dogs in need and is on the Board of Directors for Rescue, Love, Repeat.


Her success stories include rescues that have become therapy dogs by people who have adopted them along with a foster fail of her own with a dog named Cinch. Cinch who lived tied to a trailer outside for the first 6 months of his life, became a therapy dog in Ozark Schools for 10 years. Some of the most challenging aspects of her rescue work have been coordinating rescue for a hoarding situation in Sparta for 26 dogs needing to be removed from the property and assisting with the rescue and placement of a litter of 8 puppies, 2 adult dogs and 7 horses removed by law enforcement.

Kimbra's motto and inspiration have been from Saint Francis of Assisi, “Start by doing what is necessary, then what is possible and soon you are doing the impossible."

Nominations include the following....

*Fair Grove Veterinary

*Grant Avenue Pet Hospital

*Route 66 Vet Clinic

*The Traveling Vet - WINNER

(Sponsored by Mirowski Home Inspections LLC)

Nominations include the following....

*4 the Love of K9s - WINNER

*Barker Shoppe

*Justice Jewelers

*Side Kick Dog Training

(Sponsored by TAME Pet Magazine)

Office of the Year

Business and/or Organization of the Year

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