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Killuminati’s main focus is to help with medical assistance for families who find themselves in financial struggle to get non-routine medical attention for their dog. Families in Missouri may apply for financial assistance when their dog is in need. If approved we, will pay up to (not exceeding) half of the total cost of the treatment. Checks will be made out directly to the treating veterinarian.

Assistance will not be given for routine procedures, vaccinations, or spayed/neutering – although all are very important for responsible dog care - we recommend contacting your local low cost clinic. If your dog is not already spayed/neutered, please be aware that is a requirement for our vet assistance. If you plan to have your dog spayed/neutered at the time of the procedure you're applying for help, be sure to include that on the estimate of treatment with cost from the vet when you submit that with a completed application. Applications will be reviewed and voted on by our Board of Directors, and financial assistance will be awarded based on need and availability.

***Please be sure to review the guidelines ahead of time. And be sure to include the estimate of treatment with cost from your vet with your application.***

NOTE: The application is in PDF format. If you do not have a program to edit a PDF, you will need to download/print the application to complete and then send back. 

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