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Day of the Dog Celebration!

Kukur Tihar - Day of the Dog

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Mark your calendars for Oct 26th as we bring the international celebration - Kukur Tihar Day of the Dog to the states!!! We are partnering with the amazing Sneha's Care in Nepal to let you experience this ceremonial event where you honor your dog for their loyalty and friendship. In Nepal, all dogs get a blessing on Kukur Tihar (strays, personal dogs, police k9s, etc). It is beautiful and was truly a once in a lifetime experience I got to live through last fall. KF can't wait to share this with you and your dogs this Oct 26th in partnership with our friends in Nepal: Sneha's Care.

***BONUS FOR VIPS! And the cherry on top!?! Sneha herself has agreed to video chat with us live at our VIP Dinner @ Gilardi's Ristorante - Benefits the Killuminati Foundation on April 12th! You will get to hear directly from her about Day of the Dog and ask questions. Only a few tickets left so be sure to get them before we sell out now that people know of this incredible opportunity!!! Don't take my word for it though - here are some videos of Sneha's Care last November celebrating Kukur Tihar Day of the Dog!!! 

Check out these videos for some additional information and see what we will bringing to Springfied, Missouri this fall:


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Kukur Tihar, also referred to as Dog Puja, is a vital aspect of the renowned Hindu celebration of Tihar (Deepawali) and holds substantial cultural and religious merit in Nepal. This festival commemorates the profound connection between humans and dogs, recognizing their friendship and unwavering loyalty. Kukur Tihar exemplifies the sanctity of animals in Hindu beliefs and Nepalese culture by venerating dogs. Although the exact origins of Kukur Tihar remain somewhat ambiguous, it is celebrated on the second day of Tihar, and both Hindu mythology and the esteemed role of dogs in Nepalese society have significantly contributed to its importance.


Deeply ingrained in Nepalese cultural practices, Kukur Tihar embodies a unique facet of the nation's cultural identity and legacy as observed by generations past. It is a distinct celebration rooted firmly in Nepalese customs. Though individuals enthusiastically partake in the festivities, at times leading them away from daily obligations, consistent care and attentiveness for dogs throughout the year can prove challenging. Nevertheless, the fervor displayed during Kukur Tihar highlights the deep appreciation that Nepalis hold for the role dogs have in their lives. Dogs are honored for their loyalty, and Kukur Tihar provides an opportunity for people to express gratitude for the unwavering companionship and faithfulness these animals offer. Loyalty plays a significant role in both Hindu mythology and everyday life.


Photos from when our Founder Visited Nepal last November to experience Kukur Tihar - Day of the Dog at Sneha's Care Rescue

On Kukur Tihar - every dog is blessed and honored
whether it is a pet, stray, military K9, etc

We are partnering with Sneha's Care in Nepal to make
this experience as authentic as possible!

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